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Welcome to the Commentary Club! Every three weeks, join Jim and Teresa as they talk over assorted movies and bits of cult TV. Take a seat, make yourself comfy, and join us as we chat about all kinds of different movies, the classic, the cult and the crap! 

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Aug 5, 2023

In a last minute change to our announced crap movie selection, in a very ramshackle episode, we take a look at some gorilla based nonsense! Yes, it's Ed Wood's non-classic movie The Bride and the Beast from 1958

May 13, 2023

For our crap film choice this time, we endure an frankly appalling live-action travesty of a beloved cartoon - Inspector Gadget starring Matthew Broderick and Rupert Everett

Mar 10, 2023

It's crap movie time again, and we experience notorious bad movie Shakma which sees Roddy McDowell and assorted students being menaced by a killer baboon!

Dec 7, 2022

It's crap film time again, and this time we are getting festive with 'Twas the Night (2001) starring a young Bryan Cranston!

Oct 22, 2022

It's crap film time again, and this time we are going to experience a truly bizarre American sci-fi horror shot in Japan - The Manster AKA The Split (1962)

NOTE - my apologies the first upload had completely the wrong intro - this has now been fixed