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Welcome to the Commentary Club! Every three weeks, join Jim and Teresa as they talk over assorted movies and bits of cult TV. Take a seat, make yourself comfy, and join us as we chat about all kinds of different movies, the classic, the cult and the crap! 

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Nov 21, 2022

It's cult movie time again, and we are going back to 1959 for horror thriller that sees a team up between the great Vincent Price and legendary director William Castle! Join us for a night in House on Haunted Hill!

Jul 14, 2022

It's crap move time again and we venture into the highly dubious cinematic genre of movies based on theme park rides, and for added peril, it's also a late period Eddie Murphy move to boot! Yes, it's Disney's The Haunted Mansion (2003)!

Mar 10, 2021

In this episode Blackadder attempts to out-do Sir Walter Really, I mean, Raleigh, with a sea voyage of his own. Unfortunately Captain Redbeard Rum (the legendary Tom Baker in fully barking mad mode) turns out to be both legless and clueless!

Feb 4, 2021

This time round we are looking at cult favourite Clue from 1985 - the first movie based on a board game! Featuring an all-star cast including Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, Madeline Kahn, Martin Mull and Leslie Anne Warren.

Oct 22, 2020

It's crap film time again, and we have a movie about undead wildlife - Zombeavers (2014)! Yes, a film about zombie beavers... Does hilarity ensue?